Should You Sell Your Old Car Or Trade It? Confused? Find Answers Here!

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So, your car has become pretty old, and you plan to buy a new one. But what should you do with the old car? Trade it or sell it? It is natural you get confused which option to choose. On the financial side, selling may look a better option. But if you like things hassle free, then trading might be the right choice. You could trade your car in with the help of a reputed dealer who would do all the work for you. You could get reviews and other information related to cars at

Do You Owe Money?
The money you owe on your car is also crucial in taking the decision. You would need to discuss with your finance company and round up a payoff amount. It should be preferably less than your asking price. Then only you could consider selling the car. Make a point to note that you do not end up upside down on loan. In case the money you owe is more than what the car is worth, then the only option is to trade your car.

Trading- Pros And Cons
The term trading and convenience go hand in hand. If you are someone who prefers hassle free transactions and can’t keep going behind paperwork and all, then trading would be the ideal option for you. Just find the perfect dealer and the work is done. The dealer will do all the troublesome paper works, and all you need to do is just sign the papers. In case your car has some minor troubles, no need to get it repaired before trading in. The dealer will do all such works. In case the car is in excellent condition, you can use that as an upper hand in getting the price of the new car reduced. These are some of the benefits of trading in.

The main disadvantage of trading in is that dealers will only consider the wholesale value of the car, and never its retail value. Hence, you could only expect to get half the amount of money you would get if you had sold the car privately.

Selling-Pros And Cons
The greatest benefit of selling the car privately would be the financial gain. You could decide the price according to the market rates and sell it to someone who offers almost near to the amount you had planned to sell it for. You could negotiate with the buyers and hold the selling until you get a satisfactory offer. You would get ready cash by selling the car, and you could use that money for buying a new car or for some other need of yours. This is the greatest benefits of selling the car.

Now, coming to the disadvantages part, the tedious paperwork is the biggest setback of selling cars. You would be at the mercy of the buyers and have to wait as long as you get a good customer. You could opt for various options to promote your car sale and wait patiently till you get a good offer. In addition to all this, all the responsibility of paperwork falls on you. If you do not do it correctly and carefully, you will end up being liable for it. You will have to face legal proceedings if things are not done correctly.

So, now that you know the pros and cons of selling and trading, make the right decision that works in your favor!

Selecting The Apt Repair Shop And Suitable Mechanic


There will be many occasions wherein you will wonder if the car repair shop you have chosen is up to the mark. You have to check out the reliability and trustworthiness of the place you are choosing. is one site that helps you find all the services that you may require. There are lots of information you can collect on vehicle maintenance and repair from etc.

There are some basic checks that you can conduct to ensure that you are hiring a reliable mechanic. Finding an expert mechanic is essential because you cannot take any risks about your safety. If you see that there is a problem with your car, it is always best to take corrective measures as soon as possible. Let’s have a look at how to find a reliable car repair shop near your locality.

Points to be noted when you start your search:-

Check the credentials well
There are repair shops that spring up without any proper credential. Beware of these kinds of shops. They will have no reliability and will also shut down without any notice. You cannot leave your precious vehicle with them. So you have to make sure that the shop you trust is reliable and has good credentials. You can also check for sites that help to find reputable shops that offer quality service. These websites are a source of information regarding the quality, price and trustworthiness of car repair shops in your location.

Don’t go by the rates only
The quality of the shop and services is what you have to focus on. Money is a major factor; however, do not rely on a repair shop just because they offer the lowest price. You may initially feel that you are getting a good deal. However low-quality service will only lead to problems later on. You will have to spend a greater amount on repairs if you have to go many times. Verify that the mechanic is competent and then decide.

Once you are sure that you will be satisfied with services that a repair shop provides, you will not feel like compromising their services for a low-cost shop. Cars are used by the whole family, and so you should not take any chances with regards to the safety measures. Compromising on the quality of repair done is going to cost you more than just money in extreme cases. Better avoid such circumstances that lead to the danger of your family members.

Trust your gut feelings
Like in most cases, you will feel it when you find a mechanic or a shop compatible with your requirements.Even though the majority of people you know find a particular mechanic to be an expert, you can trust him only if you feel comfortable enough. Rely on your instincts when it comes to finalizing the place and person.

Once you find a reliable place, you can relax and then trust them to take care of your vehicle. Be sure to explain what the problem is and what issues you are facing.A competent mechanic is a great asset, so research well and fix the right person at the right repair shop.

Rinspeed Etos Overview and Special Features


Rinspeed is an automobile manufacturer from Swiss and also a tuning designer. When it comes to car designing concepts, Rinspeed always thinks outside the box and comes up with ideas which nobody would have even daydreamt. You would see this kind of supercar wallpaper struck in many showrooms. Few people buy magazines like for the sole reason of exploring such fascinating features.

When you rewind the moments captured by Rinspeed in 20 years, then you could find very few of them with the dealership. They were a pioneer with innovative thoughts in automobile design right from the cars which car drives in the English Channel.He is experienced in restoring old classic cars and modify cars to an usable condition. Every year the company makes sure they bring a new car to the Geneva Motor Show, and they usually don’t make their presence in other smaller shows.This is the main reason for the popular manufacturers and suppliers to make their presence in Consumer Electronics shows.

From Rinderknecht point of view, future improvements in automotive engineering will be based on digital advancements. Frank M.Rinderknecht is the head of the Swiss powerhouse and the owner of hybrid sports car Etos.The interiors of the machine act like a magic which mainly focusses on autonomous transportation. The steering wheel has the capability of folding itself when it is changed to autonomous mode, and the individual displays move a step forward to the occupant seat. The whole cockpit feature is called the “twenty-second concept vehicle” by Rinspeed.

The two main features of Σtos is autonomous driving and the second would be drone tech. The car also has a helipad attached to the back of the car which can be deployed with the help of a remote control drone. The widescreen move nearer to the occupants to have a better view. In other words, the car can be said as a personal assistant, and it is perfect for its evaluation. It offers absolute entertainment and utmost safety. Every year they come up with new advancements and upgrade themselves from digital possibilities. Whether you believe it or not the car can be driven without driver and so far it is the only car which has been invented without the driverless feature.

Σtos has an advanced autonomous platform which combines HD cameras, car-to-x capabilities, High precision GPS navigating capabilities. There is also a gaze tracking system available which monitors the driver’s eyes to monitor what they have seen and not seen. After monitoring warnings are provided to augment natural vision.

For example, the car can drive by itself and fetch the bunch of flowers you ordered online and deliver it to the person you wish directly. You could also take a video of the ride on stream it to friends. Though it sounds like fantasy, it is possible.
The surface of Etos was designed in Swiss “innovation lab”. No wonder Frank M.Rinderknecht names himself as a magician in Las Vegas. This is due to the extraordinary look and innovative designing. Frankly speaking, you will not sense the magic of Σtos without bare eyes and touch the car.