Rinspeed Etos Overview and Special Features


Rinspeed is an automobile manufacturer from Swiss and also a tuning designer. When it comes to car designing concepts, Rinspeed always thinks outside the box and comes up with ideas which nobody would have even daydreamt. You would see this kind of supercar wallpaper struck in many showrooms. Few people buy magazines like http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/ for the sole reason of exploring such fascinating features.

When you rewind the moments captured by Rinspeed in 20 years, then you could find very few of them with the dealership. They were a pioneer with innovative thoughts in automobile design right from the cars which car drives in the English Channel.He is experienced in restoring old classic cars and modify cars to an usable condition. Every year the company makes sure they bring a new car to the Geneva Motor Show, and they usually don’t make their presence in other smaller shows.This is the main reason for the popular manufacturers and suppliers to make their presence in Consumer Electronics shows.

From Rinderknecht point of view, future improvements in automotive engineering will be based on digital advancements. Frank M.Rinderknecht is the head of the Swiss powerhouse and the owner of hybrid sports car Etos.The interiors of the machine act like a magic which mainly focusses on autonomous transportation. The steering wheel has the capability of folding itself when it is changed to autonomous mode, and the individual displays move a step forward to the occupant seat. The whole cockpit feature is called the “twenty-second concept vehicle” by Rinspeed.

The two main features of Σtos is autonomous driving and the second would be drone tech. The car also has a helipad attached to the back of the car which can be deployed with the help of a remote control drone. The widescreen move nearer to the occupants to have a better view. In other words, the car can be said as a personal assistant, and it is perfect for its evaluation. It offers absolute entertainment and utmost safety. Every year they come up with new advancements and upgrade themselves from digital possibilities. Whether you believe it or not the car can be driven without driver and so far it is the only car which has been invented without the driverless feature.

Σtos has an advanced autonomous platform which combines HD cameras, car-to-x capabilities, High precision GPS navigating capabilities. There is also a gaze tracking system available which monitors the driver’s eyes to monitor what they have seen and not seen. After monitoring warnings are provided to augment natural vision.

For example, the car can drive by itself and fetch the bunch of flowers you ordered online and deliver it to the person you wish directly. You could also take a video of the ride on stream it to friends. Though it sounds like fantasy, it is possible.
The surface of Etos was designed in Swiss “innovation lab”. No wonder Frank M.Rinderknecht names himself as a magician in Las Vegas. This is due to the extraordinary look and innovative designing. Frankly speaking, you will not sense the magic of Σtos without bare eyes and touch the car.

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